without her, all is lost


Drayden Routton, a 16-year-old certified genius with a troubled background, investigates the mysterious murder of his older brother, Reginald, only to discover that protecting the fate of the world from an apocalyptic future might reside in his ability to fully understand the molecular nanotechnology that Reginald gifted to him posthumously.


Natalie, 17, and pregnant with Drayden's child, is kidnapped and held prisoner by the organization intent on taking her baby who very possibly shares Drayden's unique nanotech powers.  She answers her captors’ many questions about Drayden in a way that reveals the truest love story, without giving away her ongoing plans to escape.  But time is ticking, because her baby is growing at an alarming rate.  If she doesn’t escape soon to save her baby and herself, the enemy will have all that they need to control everything and everyone.  

you won't believe how badly he broke her heart


You won’t believe how badly he breaks his true love’s heart.  It turns out, even humanoids can be crushed by love.  


Pranav is one of the most eligible bachelors in 2065 Chicago.  He’s single, handsome, young, successful, and he’s looking for a mate.  During his journey to find love, he proves that relationships are as complicated in 2065 as they have ever been -- maybe even more-so now that humanoids are in the mix.  


Can Pranav conquer the self-constructed obstacles he doesn’t see himself building and find the love his heart desires?  Or, is it more likely he’ll break the heart of every woman in his journey of self-discovery?


He destroys (Annihilates) the heart of his true love, but the thing is, he wants to make it right.  Read OF LOVE & ROBOTS to find out if Pranav deserves a second chance, and whether his soulmate decides to take him back...